Tips to Securely and Safely Archive Outlook Data

Data Security

Archiving and backing up PST files is not the only method to make sure security of Outlook data. Copying e-mail messages to folders and backing up them are other efficient methods of securing important e-mail data. Searching through these e-mail folders works much faster throughout a recovery process as our post discusses.

While the Personal Storage File or PST file provides a really efficient way of keeping and browsing for products, it is not extremely simple to archive products using the file. Numerous specialists therefore advise that users merely develop e-mail folders in their ‘My Files’ folder and routinely copy e-mails to this folder. They can delete these e-mails or other Outlook products that they have copied from the primary PST file. This trims the size of the PST file while you can safely save all the email messages and other Outlook products in the folder that you have produced. This also helps greatly in PST recovery because instead of needing to fix entire PST files, you can just look for the one message or item that you would like restored.

Data Security

There are some things to look out for though, if you are going to be utilizing the folder system to archive Outlook email messages and other products. Generally, when you copy an e-mail message from Outlook to a specific folder, Windows develops a file with a filename that is the same as the Topic Line of the email. Even if you wish to copy several email messages that have the very same Subject Line, it is not a problem since Windows adds a distinct numeral to each one of those email messages. When you are copying an email message with a similar Topic Line later, the problem occurs. Where case, Windows will confirm that you may be changing an already existing file. Make certain that you are renaming the e-mail message before copying it.

Windows will have no issue in providing e-mail messages distinct filenames and the user will have no issue in determining the correct e-mail throughout a PST healing if you are going to be copying entire folders on a month-to-month or quarterly basis. Given that all the Outlook e-mail messages will be copied in one go, Windows can determine files with similar Subject Lines and offer them unique names. Another big benefit of keeping Outlook messages and items in this manner is that looking for them is proving to be incredibly easy with the development of tools such as Windows Desktop search, Google Desktop search, Yahoo Desktop Browse and naturally, the default Windows Search. Using ever-present search boxes, you can extremely quickly search for a file by typing in simply a keyword or 2.

It is very simple to take backups and carry out PST recovery if messages are saved in folders in this manner. One no longer needs to fret about the maximum size of PST files or incompatibilities. Include the email folders in your routine backups and all your e-mail is safeguarded.

Data Security

When the active PST file becomes corrupt due to external or internal factors, the problem develops. The only reliable way of repairing a seriously damaged PST file might be to utilize specialized software application such as Advanced Outlook Repair. Utilizing sophisticated scan and browse innovations, it can recover nearly all products from corrupt PST files guaranteeing very little loss of information.

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