Avoid These Typical Mistakes to Protect Critical Data – Company Security Threats

Data Security

It’s not a matter of if, however when. You might think that as a small business owner, your business is not a target for malicious hackers or attacks, but this could not be farther from the truth. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to preserving business continuity because of security hazards – both man-made and natural – anyone and everyone is prone. Consider what type of details you might lose from numerous company security threats – years worth of tax records, personal worker info including Social Security numbers, signed client contracts and customer contact records, simply to start.

When a 8 individual law firm in Miami was struck by Hurricane Ike in 2008, it was forced to close its doors after a decade of being in business. Everything they had was damaged and irretrievable. Although this was a natural catastrophe, business owner might have taken some reasonably simple and cost efficient safety measures to ensure his business was safe from common small business security threats. For today’s small business owners, there are numerous software application applications offered that are skilled at preserving business connection. These applications are easy and easily accessible to execute, making your business more secure in case the unthinkable should happen.

Data Security

The Keys to Keeping Business Continuity

I see numerous small businesses make the same common errors when it concerns protecting their data and maintaining business continuity; I have actually listed them (below) in an effort to assist business protect themselves from company security risks. A lot of business I talk to believe they are safe and secure, when in reality, they are unmistakably vulnerable.

Mistake #”My information is secure; I have actually got it backed up on-premise.”

Let’s say you are lucky adequate to have a security system, a fire detection system and belong to a secured office park with security personnel roaming the grounds 24/Just since your properties are protected doesn’t mean your records are safe from business security dangers. It’s the opposite. Many companies frequently make the error of backing up files just on-premise or back-up on premise and eliminate tapes or discs by hand on a regularly set up interval (ex.as soon as each month). The most intelligent option to combating company security risks is to have all your data conserved and saved in an off-premise information. By having your data backed up off-site, you guarantee the safety of all your crucial files and you get the added advantage of being able to access important files from any Web connected computer (with the ideal security authentication of course!)

Like in the earlier example of the law office affected by Hurricane Ike, if it had stored all of its files off-premise in a hosted information center, the workers would have been able to save all of the files, recover and renew them and gotten the business back up with minimal disruption. Supporting to an external hard disk or NAS (Network Attached Storage) gadget is crucial to keeping company connection and avoiding information loss due to hardware failures. Nevertheless, small companies frequently face fires, floods, thefts, and other business security threats that need backups to be off website. Make certain your company has a safe backup solution in place to enable information to be saved off-site. These options are fairly affordable in terms of maintaining business continuity, specifically considering the alternative.

Mistake #”I just bought a brand-new PC, so I’ve currently got the most recent and biggest security software application packed.”

You may be thinking to yourself “I currently have all the security I need.” Yes, Microsoft Windows does have a firewall program feature guarding against common company security threats, but these off-the-shelf elements aren’t almost sufficient to support the needs of a company.

Preferably, small businesses need to employ the exact same “defense in depth” strategy big business utilize to protect their internal networks. PCs ought to have their software firewall softwares enabled and appropriately configured, and have a firewall software router on the network’s edge to offer a second layer of defense versus company security dangers. In this manner, if a PC’s firewall program is not set up effectively, there is still a layer of security in between the computer and Web hazards. By selecting a handled firewall program application, small businesses will protect themselves from important network hazards, block unneeded Web traffic, and limit applications used on your network. This kind of security item is a need for protecting small business networks from malicious Web hazards and maintaining business connection.

Mistake #”I installed new security defense software in the previous couple years or two.”

Data Security

As you may know, numerous laptop computers and desktops featured pre-installed free trials of a trademark name security offering, although this will keep your desktop protect for a short time, numerous small businesses commonly make the error of letting this software application end and forgetting to upgrade it. In order to protect your desktops and laptops from online company security hazards, you must install a protected desktop option to protect PCs from viruses, spyware, and other Internet-borne attacks. Offered as a bundle as part of many interactions and IT services, safe and secure desktop applications have no expiration dates to keep an eye on. The best part of this software application is that updates are automatic, which suggests there disappear software application upgrades to set up minimizing the cost of IT management. Preserving business continuity is easy just secure your desktop as soon as you can!

Error #”I need to upgrade my web browser and os (OS) security spots myself, and I simply don’t have the time.”

Small companies can quickly be made the most of due to low security on their internet browsers and operating systems, however these kinds of company security hazards can be quickly avoided with automated security spot updates. Numerous small companies take the problem of upgrading their PCs with the current software versions on themselves, however OS security can be quickly automated, makings preserving business continuity a breeze. Yes, small businesses need to ensure the updates happen and check in on them frequently, however today’s innovation assists reduce a few of the time it requires to handle the situation.

By preventing these typical offenders of company security risks, companies can protect one of their most valuable possessions – files and information. Many businesses will deal with numerous dangers in their lifecycle. Find out from the mistakes others have actually made and take these steps towards preserving your business continuity.

Tom Collins is the Item Supervisor for Security and IT Solutions at Cbeyond, which offers, and a range of other interaction bundles to more than 48,000 small companies across the Collins directs the monetary performance, product adoption, market penetration and research for all of Cbeyond’s security applications. Prior to signing up with Cbeyond in May 2005, Collins was responsible for EarthLink’s security and anti-spyware application development, starting brand-new advancement jobs while managing a cross-functional team in software advancement, interface design, technical writing and marketing. He earned his bachelor’s of science degree from the Georgia Institute of Innovation in Science, Innovation, and Culture in For details on Cbeyond’s small company voice and data services, call 877-441-9783 or check out

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